Faithful Stewardship

Faithful stewardship is not the cause of your salvation in any way. We are saved by grace. But good stewardship is definitely a desired result of being saved. God’s chosen people are the stewards of God’s property. We can be good or bad at it, but we are stewards nonetheless.
So what is a steward exactly? A steward is somebody who has been given specific responsibility to care for or efficiently manage certain valuable assets and to make them work to the advantage of their owner. In our specific case, we are to take care of this planet, our relationships and our bodies. We are to manage our time, our abilities, our money and our knowledge of God’s Word. We are to use all of them to advance the work of God in this world. God considers everything listed above to be His property because He made them. Good stewards will produce positive results with these things and after we are done with this life, those results will be rewarded.
The articles, links and videos included in this section of our website will assist you in being a good caretaker and manager. They will give you a way to think about the purpose of your life that will greatly benefit you in the long run. These resources are for anyone who wants to hear from Jesus, “Well done, good and faithful servant.”