Bible Literacy

The Bible is one of our greatest assets. From the Bible we know God’s plan of action to save mankind, how He has worked in the past, and how He will work in the future. Through the Bible we understand reality to include things that we cannot see or measure. We understand what is good and evil. The Bible is more than a book. It is an interactive tool for God to communicate with us.
The Bible is a large book with a complex history. Sadly, too many people do not know it well and way too many don’t know it at all. Don’t let this be yourself or your child. Understanding the basic stories creates a framework that is fleshed out over a lifetime of learning. Parents are responsible for building this framework of understanding.
If your parents did an excellent job of teaching you the Bible, then follow their example. If, on the other hand, they didn’t; then you need to establish a higher standard for your kids and generations to come.
The following resources are given to help you teach your child the Bible. They can be a great help to you as well. They also go beyond the simple story to teach the various aspects of being a disciple and knowing the informational core of what the Bible teaches.